Haditza Roda

About the bun:

Extroverted / In Between / Introverted
Disorganized / In Between / Organized
Close Minded / In Between / Open Minded
Calm / In Between / Anxious
Disagreeable / In Between / Agreeable
Cautious / In Between / Reckless
Patient / In Between / Impatient
Outspoken / In Between / Reserved
Leader / In Between / Follower
Empathetic / In Between / Apathetic
Optimistic / In Between / Pessimistic
Traditional / In Between / Modern
Hard-working / In Between / Lazy
Cultured/ In Between / Uncultured
Loyal / In Between / Disloyal
Faithful / In Between / Unfaithful
Smoking / Never / Sometimes / Frequently / Excess
Drugs / Never / Sometimes / Frequently / Excess
Drinking / Never / Sometimes / Frequently / Excess
-Occupation: Healer, Therapist, Bartender
-Sexuality: Pansexual
-Relationship: Poly
-Height: 5'8
-Age: 228 (Obv doesn't look it b/c Viera)
-ND: 17th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
-Guardian: Nophica, the Matron
The Viera in front of you was born to a place and family she does not know. She has no memory of her early childhood besides being adopted out to a family of Miqo's. A certain....situation occurred to where she got exiled from her home and her family. With nothing but a bag and the clothes on her back she set off to explore and understand the world. Eventually she came across a elder Viera, exiled like her. This Viera taught her most of everything she knows, even the powers to heal the ones in need, upon her death Hadi took up her Soul to continue the only life she knew. As of now she is just living the best life she can as a bartender, a therapist, and a healer trying to keep herself leveled.


Hooks:-Aether: Major: Fire, Minor: Light.-Aura: Her aura is a brown with a hint of white.-Magick: Fellow mages will be able to recognize she is one as well, a white mage.-Scent: Smells of cinnamon.----------------------------Hadi Tricks---------------------------
-Echo: Hadi does posses an Echo, she will never admit it openly unless you posses one yourself.
-Souls: Currently she posses White Mage, Warrior, Bard, Monk, and Blue Mage.-Languages: Hadi speaks/understands all major languages.-Auras and Aethers: Hadi can sense both coming from a person.

OOC , ERP, and Gallery:

Thank you for looking at my Carrd! Please note this is a massive WIP currently so please bare with me! Any questions or comments for me, tell me in game! Also I am very open to RP Story ideas, hit me up if you have a idea and we can talk about it! ShajksPlayer is 21+ Pansexual
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